RUGS Meeting #104 - Tuesday, 11th December 2012

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RUGS Meeting #104 - Tuesday, 11th December 2012

Postby SteveFiorio » 10 Dec 2012, 09:51

RUGS Meeting #104 - Tuesday, 11th December 2012
5:30pm – 7:30pm : - Level 2’ 88 Cumberland Street, Sydney

Time: 5:30pm Meet and Greet. (our office foyer doors are locked at 6 so please be prompt)

We will have limited nibbles and drinks sponsored by RUGSYD.
Can i request a return email stating that you will be attending in order for numbers (depends if we have it on the Balcony overlooking the harbour or down in our training room.)

Cost: $5 – where else can you get 2hrs worth of training and networking for that price? Please help to keep the group sustainable and pay the $5.

• 6.00pm - Open Up – Steve Fiorio

– open to all specifically discussing
• subcategory names,
• shared parameter names
• material names?
• 7.30pm - Meeting closes – Steve Fiorio

If you know of anyone who would be interested in attending, please encourage them to come along as well. The larger and more active the group, the more value it is to all involved. You can sign up here , it’s free to join the website – Monthly Meetings $5
Steve Fiorio
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Re: RUGS Meeting #104 - Tuesday, 11th December 2012

Postby Tim Waldock » 31 Jan 2013, 14:40

BIM Standards Discussion – RUGS Meeting Dec 2012 - Meeting notes
By Neil Greenstreet
Senior Architect
NATSPEC // Construction Information

Purposes of material naming conventions
Identification of materials for:
• Visualisation/rendering
• Quantity take-off and cost planning
• Finishes schedules
• Specifications
• Structural analysis
• Thermal analysis
• Sustainability analysis (LCA, GreenStar, etc)
• Facility Management
• Other?

• Differing requirements for information about materials by various stakeholders and their use cases, e.g. LCA, GreenStar, etc generally requires net quantities of constituent materials. (How much concrete, recyclable material, VOC emissions, etc?) Quantity take-off and costing generally requires quantities of material by standard forms of measurement (square metres of paint, plasterboard, etc).
• Following from the previous item: Making the distinction between materials in the sense of substances, e.g. steel, and materials in the sense of building products, e.g. steel beam.
• Accommodating changing LODs required during the design process and building lifecycle
• Handling the relationship between assemblies and their component materials
• Handling the relationship of substrates and finishes
• Linking and managing information about modelled and non-modelled items
• The relationship of material naming conventions to existing classification systems
• Naming conventions for generic and proprietary materials/products. How similar or different do they need to be?
• Other?

Potential resources or models
• The Netherlands Revit User group is working on a standard naming convention for materials:
• Others?

Suggestions made about tackling the problem
Compile a list of the most common materials scheduled, e.g. glass, plasterboard, concrete, and work on these.

The following are some questions we might ask of group members:
Use cases
In what circumstances do you use material naming conventions?
What is the purpose or outcomes sought in using them in these circumstances?
Issues with use cases
What sort of issues or problems do you encounter with the provisions that Revit makes for managing materials for each use case noted?
Your naming conventions
What approach have you taken with your material naming conventions? (Include examples of your naming conventions and the rationale of their structure.)
What do you think works well with your system and what limitations or issues have you found?
What additional features would improve it?

Can you suggest/contribute any good reference material or articles on the topic?
Potential group members
Can you suggest any other people who might be willing to participate in or contribute to the group?
Previous responses:
People who attended the RUGS Meeting and left business cards:
Names to Tim Waldock please –,au

Group direction and strategy
Any suggestions on tackling the task?

Possible direction from here
Some suggestions for your consideration:
1. Compile the responses to these notes/questions.
2. Compile a group contact list.
3. Establish a repository for documents and reference material submitted by the group.
4. Meet to discuss the findings and define the scope and direction of the project in more detail.
5. Have a Skype session or similar with the ANZRS committee to draw on their experience.
6. Develop the standards.

It is important to document the findings of the group as we proceed because:
• Ultimately the system will need to be documented for dissemination and to explain its rationale. It is easier to do this progressively.
• Providing documents to interested parties outside of the working group during the system’s development gives them something tangible to respond to and is more likely to engage a greater number of people.

some documents on material classification systems that could be useful, are available.
Omniclass Table 23: Products and Table 41: Materials can be downloaded from

Masterformat system (USA & Canada):
Tim Waldock
Tim Waldock
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RUGs Treasurer
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